Axis Digital Dentures

The team from GCD Dental Laboratory is excited to offer Axis Digital Dentures. This digitally backed removable solution allows you to optimize your time as the entire process can be done in as little as four appointments. Axis Digital Dentures ensure predictable results and increase patient satisfaction.

Why Digital Dentures?

  • Predictable Results
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction
  • Requires Fewer Visits
Axis Digital Dentures

The Process

1 Anatomical Impression
2 Wax Rim Try-In
3 Confirm Set-Up and Fit
4 Seat Final!

Economy Denture

Economy Denture

  • 3D Printed Base & Teeth
  • Affordable Option
  • Quality Aesthetics
Standard Denture

Standard Denture

  • Milled Denture Base & Teeth
  • Higher Quality Aesthetics
  • Stronger Material than Printed
Premium Denture

Premium Denture

  • Milled Denture Base
  • Multi-Layered Teeth
  • Custom Shading Available

Even More Benefits of Digital Dentures

  • Fewer Visits Improves Profit and Reduces Cost
  • Easy to Duplicate
  • Significantly Less to No Adjustments for Sore Spots
  • Highly Esthetic Material
  • Milled Base Releases Zero Monomers
  • Comfort & Adaptability
  • Faster Turn Around
  • Palate Replicable at 2.5 mm Thickness
  • Milled Denture Has Significantly Higher Flexural Strength Than Analog Dentures