Milled out of a dense block of PMMA acrylic, our provisionals provide durability and beautiful esthetics that are not found in flowable products. This restorative solution provides natural esthetics due to PMMA’s translucency. They are an excellent solution when your patients’ require an esthetic temporary solution while their final restoration is being fabricated.

  1. PMMA is indicated for bridges, full arches, crowns, and complex cases, including multi-unit situations. PMMA acrylic can be used for long term temps and can last up to one year.

  1. Patients with sensitivity to acrylate (acrylic) resins. NOT a fixed, definitive restoration

  1. When you receive your case, simply reline the Oral-Temps chairside using jet acrylic for an esthetic long-term provisional option. Use temporary cement on your temporaries.

  • D2970 Temporary Crown